15.08. – 22.09.2019 The exhibition “On Disappearance” featuring works from four Finnish photographic artists Mia Damberg, Essi Orpana, Tiina Palola and Partricia Rodas will be on view from August 15 at the Latvian Museum of Photography, curated by Tuula Alajoki. “On Disapearance” deals with issues relating to violation and violence, humiliation and shame, self-doubt, identity and the loss of it - disappearance of oneself from the others as well as from oneself. We inherit and adapt patterns, voice tones, small gestures -to make another insecure with themselves -and we learn to depress ourselves quickly. We interpret and recreate memories and situations. Who we are and how do we feel about ourselves, becomes effected and defined by someone else than ourselves - our past, our parents, our partner - anyone who becomes close and important to us.

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